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2024 Ring Masters Championships: Road To The Garden

 2024 Ring Masters Championships: Road To The Garden

- Registration Closed -
2024 National Golden Gloves Qualifier
Date/Time:2/1/2024 - 4/20/2024
Sanction #:  24-06-211922
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Sanctioned Event Details

2024 Ring Masters Championships: Road To The Garden

National Golden Gloves: Tournament of Champions Qualifier


(As of 12/5/23)


New York Metropolitan – Ray Cuadrado, Delegate TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE:

Ray Cuadrado, Director, 929 234-5600

Sonya Lamonakis, Deputy Director, 646 895-0890

Ryan O’Leary, Tournament Chair, 917 373-0220

Chief of Officials & Coaches Rep - TBD


Schedule development featuring Metro boxing clubs, venue partners, and finals at Madison Square Garden is in progress.


Registration Opens: Friday, December 15, 2023

In-Person Check-In Dates: 1/20/24, 1/21/24, 1/22/24 & 1/27/24 Deadline

Opening Day: 2/2/24

Finals at Madison Square Garden: Date TBA


All USA Boxing divisions in all age, weight, and experience levels will be offered including Pee Wee, Bantam, Intermediate, Junior, Youth, Senior Novice, Elite, & Master. All divisions will be open to Novice, Open, Male, and Female participants except for the Senior Novice Division, which will only feature males. Elite Male and Female division champions will represent Metro at the National Golden Gloves to be held in May 2024 in Detroit, MI.


Current USA Boxing members must register via the USA Boxing Webpoint Registration system.  Log into your account, and ensure proof of birth and current physical are uploaded to your account before registration.


                Elite divisions will box according to Golden Gloves weights below:

MALE: 112, 125, 132, 139, 147, 156, 165, 176, 203, 203+

FEMALE: 110, 119, 125, 132, 139, 146, 154, 165, 178, 178+

All other divisions will compete based on USA Boxing weights.


All divisions will box according to regular USA Boxing age divisions.  18-year-olds can box in either Youth or Senior/Elite divisions. Boxers 18 through 40 are eligible to participate in the Elite or Senior Novice divisions. Elite or Senior boxers must be at least 18 years of age on January 1, 2024, but not yet 41 before May 18, 2024


The Tournament Committee will meet to begin draw and bracketing on Sunday January 28th. Brackets and call to report will be posted shortly thereafter via email to all Metro members.


2024 Ring Masters Championships: Road To The Garden

Advancer to National Golden Gloves. Detroit, MI May 11- 18 (Metro Elite only)





Entry & Eligibility


  1. Athletes in the Elite & Senior divisions must be residents and members of Metro for at least 6 months prior to 2023 and must furnish proof of residency.  Madison Square Garden is reserved for Elite and Senior divisions finals only.
  2. US citizenship is not required to participate in this tournament. However, non-US citizens will be considered "OPEN" boxers unless proof is furnished to the contrary.  Non-US citizens will be able to advance to National Golden Gloves.
  3. Entry Fee is non-refundable except for those who are unopposed. Unopposed boxers do not receive belts or rings.
  4. All participants agree to use of image and to participate in social media campaign by tagging RMC, MSG, WBC Amateurs, Sting, Boxing Insider, Millions, RX Water and other sponsors. 
  5. Athletes Age determination for Senior Novice and Elite as per National GG Rules (Must be 18yrs old by Jan 1, 2024 but not yet 41yrs old as of May 11, 2023. Masters, Youth and Juniors as per USA Boxing Rules. 
  6. All Entries must be accompanied by valid email address as this will be how you are notified.
  7. Novice or Open status: (Inaccurate or false disclosures regarding record will result in DQ) General Rule: An athlete with zero (0) to nine (9) bouts will be a Novice, at five (5) bouts a male boxer may elect to enter the Open (or Elite) Division. There will be no Novice Female division in this tournament.
    1. Boxer’s eleventh (11th) Bout must be competed as an Open Boxer. (Exception: Boxer who enters the tournament as Novice will remain Novice until completion of tournament.)
    2. If boxer has competed in the Open Division they cannot return to the Novice Division.
    3. Senior Finalists at previous Ring Masters or Golden Gloves requires boxer to enter this year as an Open boxer. Senior Finalists with less than 10 bouts remain novice until next entry in this tournament or when 10 bouts are reached.
    4. Any non US citizen and/or boxer that has competed in a striking combat sport, i.e., MMA, Muay Thai , Kickboxing, is classified as an Open boxer. (See USA Boxing rule for exception)










Competition Rules:


  1. Elite boxer's divisions will be governed by double elimination tournament rules. All other age and experience level divisions will compete according to single elimination rules.
  2. Weight allowance: 3lbs in Prelims, 2lbs in Quarters, 1lbs in Semi Final, 0lbs in Final.

Tournament Weight Divisions: Men: 112, 125, 132, 139, 147, 156, 165, 176, 203, 203+

                   Women: 110, 119, 125, 132, 139, 146, 154, 165, 178, 178+

  1. Last date to declare weight will be 1/27/24. 
  2. All divisions must be ready to box on opening day 2/2/24.
  3. Coaches must be registered and certified with USA Boxing, have a towel and clear water bottle. 
  4. Clubs must be registered with USA Boxing to be acknowledged.
  5. Coaches listed for Finals bouts must actually work boxer's corner. 


Boxers Equipment & Attire:


For your bout, please bring your own boxing Tank Top (Tanks will not be provided during preliminaries to semifinals.), shoes, socks, a towel, trunks (contrasting waistband), fitted USA Boxing-approved mouthpiece, protective headgear, and cupClubs are encouraged to present their logo on competition uniforms following USA Boxing Rules.


Athletes may not wear colors that oppose the corner color they are boxing from.  For instance, you may not wear red in the blue corner or vice versa. Athletes may wear tanks, trunks, and headgear of the same color (or neutral color) as the corner they are boxing out of.  That color will be determined the evening your division first reports.  After that, the corner color can be determined according to the position on the bracket.


Conduct & Discipline:


All participants must adhere to the USA Boxing Code of Conduct. Individuals deemed guilty of misconduct will be immediately barred from all tournament facilities and required to leave at their own expense and may be subject to further disciplinary action. The Code of Conduct also covers inappropriate social media posts.  (This is a USA Boxing Rule)  The Official (s) In Charge and the Board of Directors will serve at each show as part of the Judicial Committee to deal with emergency grievances and disciplinary processes.

Location & Contact Information

Site/Location  Madison Square Garden
4 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY  10001
Contact  Ray Cuadrado
Official in Charge  Edgardo Claudio
Ringside Physician  Osric King
Phone  917-440-5220
- Registration Closed -
Last Updated: 2/27/2024 12:28:01 AM MT